Why Hemp Well?

Concerning hemp and pet use, what should be some of my biggest takeaways?

1), it’s happening, check out the internet and see what people are saying, or read the research being conducted. 2), the endocannabinoid system is found in dogs, cats, birds, humans, actually all animals, and works by improving the homestatues of individual cells /systems. 3), as we get older, or our health is compromised, our bodies can produce less cannabinoids. The hemp plant is an excellent way to supplement these cannabinoids that our own bodies produce.

How can Hemp Products help position your store?

Because of the nature of the emerging hemp market, and the ever increasing consumer awareness of hemp products and their benefits, simply carrying a product such as Hemp Well can make a consumer think of your business in a different light than your competitor. It can also position yourself as a store that now has a wider range of natural products.

“Your store must be a destination. It’s got to be worth the trip. It’s got to be worth the hassle.”

Why Hemp Well?
We’ve got a solid foundation: our team belongs to or has worked with state and federal regulators from AAFCO and the FDA, several medical doctors and labs, the National Animal Supplement Council, the Hemp Industries Association, industry leaders, the US Trademark Office, and lawyers with all kinds of specialities all to ensure that our products and their messages are compliant and that our pets’ health and our business’ reputations are safe.

Simply put, we have sourced hemp responsibly since 2012. A special thanks to Ginger, our family’s rescue cat, as she was the inspiration for Hemp Well’s move to the pet industry.

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